Tuesday, March 29, 2011

nMedia 2000b

 This is an amazing case that matches my Onkyo receiver perfectly except for the LCD color. The "PRO-LCD OEM" screen must be purchased separately and it turns out that nMedia have stopped making their standard green screens in favor of blue LCD's without updating any of their online material. Grrrr! I sent them an email to see if they still have the older ones lying around but unfortunately they don't. The issue is more than just about visual consistancy with my receiver but also readability and subtlety. The bright blue LCD is neither readable nor is it subtle. Unless you turn your HTPC off at night the screen will be burning your retinas out and startling the natives for miles around.

One good thing is that the screen works great with LCDproc and the LIS driver. For some reason the LIS driver is missing from the Ubuntu LCDproc packages, which is annoying.
What you need to do is:
  • download the LCDproc source and unpack
  • cd into the directory and run ./configure --enable-drivers=all
  • run make
  • *DO NOT* run make install, simply copy the created server/drivers/ to /usr/lib/lcdproc/
  • edit /etc/LCDd.conf and set Driver=lis
  • restart LCDd and lcdproc and configure to your taste

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